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If you’re reading this for the first time you must be considering taking the first steps to gain the sense of freedom and enjoyment found from riding a motorcycle; but if you’re a returning student then welcome back! Whatever your intentions in motorcycling “All Ride”Motorcycle Training are here to help you achieve them, you’re never too old to learn to ride…

At “All Ride” we offer expert DSA Approved Motorcycle training for everyone from the age of 16. Whether you are looking to obtain your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) or moving on to your full licence, “All Ride” can assist.
For all of our training courses we are able to provide the protective equipment that you will need on the day, we have a range of Helmets, Jackets, Gloves Trousers, Boots and some Waterproof suits in various sizes but obviously you can use your own equipment if you have any.

If you live near Bath, Frome, Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Chilcompton, Shepton Mallet or the surrounding areas then why not learn to ride with us on roads that are likely to be familiar to you. We are under 10 miles from Bath and only 9 miles from Frome – only a short distance to travel if you live in those areas.

To benefit our students whenever possible we try to book trainees of the same experience and ability together so they feel more at ease and can all learn at the same pace.

Our Training Courses – What do they involve?

A CBT- (Compulsory Basic Training)

Whatever motorbike you are thinking of riding from a 50 cc moped or larger a CBT is the first step you need. A CBT is a basic training course that everyone must complete before they are able to ride legally on the road and was introduced by the Government in December 1990, its aim to reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists on our roads and since its launch continues to do this by making motorcyclists safer riders. After successfully completing the training we know you will agree how important and worthwhile your day was with us.

The CBT syllabus is dictated by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), you will start the day in our classroom, with a check of your UK licence and a short discussion on the different types of protective equipment that you should be wearing and why. We then introduce you to the Moped(50cc) or Motorbike (125cc) that you will be riding throughout the day and demonstrate and talk through the controls along with some basic maintenance checks that are advisable to do on a daily/weekly basis to keep your bike as reliable and roadworthy as possible.

We then move onto our training area where you will start to ride the bike, we will demonstrate and coach you in moving off in a straight line and as your ability and confidence grows we introduce other aspects of the training, allowing you to safely control your machine at all times in preparation for your road ride. If your instructor is happy that you are able to demonstrate a safe level of control in all of the areas that have been covered during the mornings training we will break for lunch.

(Lunch is normally around 30 minutes)

Back in our classroom there will be a pre-road ride safety briefing, where we will discuss elements of the Highway Code, recognising Road Signs, Road positioning and an explanation of roundabouts. We also talk through on what to expect and to be aware of whilst riding on the roads.

The Road Ride is the final part of the days training putting everything you have learnt from the mornings exercises into practice. You will be out on the road ride for a minimum of 2 hours with an instructor where we can cover up to 40 miles both on open roads and in the town so your safety is paramount. (The road ride is only open to the students that have been able to complete all of the mornings training successfully, thus demonstrating that they will be safe on the road, but don’t worry there is no pass or fail so if our instructor thinks you need a further days training, we only charge you half the full fee for this extra day -Remember it’s about our student, your son, your daughter, your husband or your wife’s safety)

For further information or to make a booking, please use our “Call Us Now” button, fill out our online enquiry form on this website “Book A Motorcycle Training Course” or visit our Facebook page and enquire via Messenger. Whichever method you use leave us a message and we will respond, bearing in mind we may not be able to reply straight away as we may be out on the bikes training.

Thinking of Taking your Full Test?

To obtain any Full Motorcycle licence you have to follow a designated path.

Firstly: Complete a CBT- This Certificate lasts for two years from date of issue.

You will then need to pass a Motorcycle Theory test -(An app is available to download via Google Play or the istore to help you with this or you can buy a CD to play in your PC that give examples of the questions on the Highway Code and Hazard Perception that forms part of the Theory Test). The nearest DSA test centers to take this are in Frome, Salisbury or Bristol-

When you have passed your theory we will book you in to spend a day out on one of our bikes with our instructor who will provide Module 1 and some Module 2 training in preparation for your Module 1 and Module 2 tests.

You will then spend a weekday taking your Module 1 test with further training for your Module 2 test.
Finally you will spend another weekday having further Module 2 training followed by your Module 2 test.

The amount of training required for the modules will depend on your previous riding experience, we can advise on how much training we think you are likely to need when on your CBT course. If you already have a valid CBT then give us a call and we can advise you over the phone or we will arrange for you to meet us at our training area to evaluate how much training you will need. Our training days normally start at 9am and finish around 3.30pm (depending on test times)

< Visit our Prices Training Course Information page for more details on types of Full Licences and the age you have to be to take them>

Whatever your enquiry we look forward to hearing from you.

Steve & Adrian


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About Us.


“All Ride” Motorcycle Training was born from our love of motorcycles and the enjoyment we have had training others to ride. We make use of the latest technology available providing a friendly and relaxed training environment, encouraging our students to learn from us at their own pace to become safer and considerate motorcyclists.

We are two motorcycle enthusiasts with fifty years motorcycling experience between us, riding both in the UK and Europe, and six years experience working as CBT & DAS instructors.

Steve Mawby lives in Trowbridge with his wife, children and his Cocker Spaniel. Steve is a tad over 50 and rides a Triumph GT Sprint where as Adrian Layfield  is slightly younger being a tad over 40 and lives in Westbury with his wife and tells his students he rides his Kawasaki ZZR 1400 mainly to get away from his mad house that is also full of animals.

Previously working for a local Motorcycle training school, we both take satisfaction in seeing our students flourish and grow in confidence during their training sessions with us and our aim is to deliver unbiased, professional training whatever your age, gender or level of riding experience. In short at All Ride we won’t judge you, we will teach and coach you, with your safety our priority at all times.

Adrian and Steve decided in early 2017 that they wanted to start their own Motorcycle training school and after several months of searching for somewhere, in July their hard work paid off and are proud to have been able to find and open a premises that met their requirements. Based on the Westfield trading estate in Midsomer Norton, Radstock All Ride have an off road tarmac training area and a decent sized classroom allowing them to present the training syllabus in a relaxed comfortable environment. “We definitely wanted to offer something different to the “normal training school” that you find operating from an old damp lorry container unit or shed” In Radstock we provide the perfect learning facility with comfortable chairs, a well lit heated indoor classroom incorporating a decent toilet with a separate indoor bike storage area. Our students are invited to bring their own lunch but being located only a stones throw from Porkies Cafe, lunch is on the doorstep and our students are making use of their menu too.

Steve and Adrian are delighted to be able to bring their experience and offer their services to the local community of Midsomer Norton, Radstock and the surrounding area and i’m sure you will soon be used to seeing the “All Ride” students regularly training in and around the town.

We look forward to being part of your first steps in motorcycling or working with you to your full test, whatever your aim we look forward to welcoming you to “ALL RIDE”

From September 2019 we are pleased to have been selected and to work with Kawasaki’s “Team Green” in the form of their Kawasaki Rider Training Scheme (KRTS). Any training enquiries for Bath and the surrounding area being allocated to us from this manufacturer.

From November 2019 we are delighted to have taken over ABLE Motorcycle training in Trowbridge. We will provide the same high level of training courses from this location as we do in Radstock.
If you would like to speak to Adrian or Steve please call us on 07858 729868 or via messenger on our Facebook pages.
If we don’t answer we are probably out training so please leave a message and we will respond as soon as we can.

Prices and Training Course Information..



Starting out on your motorcycling journey (Compulsory Basic Training CBT) – Available from 16 years old(Provisional Driving Licence required)

Your First C.B.T.  using our bikes and insurance – £170.00

Your First C.B.T using your own bike and insurance – £150.00

Remember Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is all about your safety. At “All Ride”  we understand some students learn quicker than others and occasionally it may take  more than the mornings training session for you to be able to control your chosen machine to a safe & satisfactory level to demonstrate that you are going to be safe on the road. The afternoon’s training following a road safety briefing will include a minimum 2 hour road ride, therefore it’s vital you can demonstrate you are going to be safe during the mornings off road exercises. Should this not be the case and our instructors don’t think you are quite at that safe level yet, they will advise you accordingly. ( If this is the case on returning for your next training session we only charge you  – half the full fee you paid).

What to expect on the day of your CBT –   https://www.gov.uk/guidance/compulsory-basic-training-cbt-syllabus-and-guidance-notes

Welcome Back 

Repeat C.B.T. as your previous one is about to expire. Using our bike and insurance – £150.00

Repeat C.B.T. Using your own bike and insurance – £140.00

Returning to Motorcycling – The performance and handling of modern motorcycles has changed considerably since you may of last ridden, why not take advantage of a days coaching via bluetooth headsets to get you safely back in the saddle.  – Using our bike £150.00  or use your bike and our experience for £140.00 (we do half days too)

Your Journey Continues the next steps – Available from 17 years old or over

The Tests and Ages you need to be…… Firstly you must sit & Pass a Motorcycle Theory Test,your nearest centers to book this with are in Bristol, Frome, Salisbury or Swindon. Copy this link to book one. https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test

The A1 Motorcycle Licence. –

An A1 licence is open to 17 year olds  and upwards and restricts riders to 125cc, without L-plates. You must have a compulsory basic training valid certificate and passed the D.S.A. motorcycle theory test and then must take both Modules 12 of your practical test on a motorcycle between a 120cc and a 125cc that qualifies for A1 entitlement. You can then ride any motorcycle up to 125cc and not exceeding 11kW without L plates and may carry a pillion passenger.

A1 Test using our bike – £170.00 per day plus the test fees (3 day course) any additional days are £170 per day.

A1 Test using your own bike £150.00 per day plus the test fees (3 day course) any additional days are £150 per day.


The A2 Motorcycle Licence. –

For an A2 Licence You must be a minimum of 19 years old and have a valid compulsory basic training certificate and passed the D.S.A. motorcycle theory test and then must take both Modules 12 of your practical test on a motorcycle that qualifies for A2 entitlement. The A2 licence restricts you to motorcycles of up to 35kW (47bhp), and you must take your test on a bike of more than 20kW (27bhp)

A2 Test using our bike – £170.00 per day plus the test fees (3 day course) any additional days are £170 per day.

A2  Test using your own bike £150.00 per day plus the test fees (3 day course) any additional days are £150 per day.


The “A” Motorcycle Licence – Direct Access

For 21 to 23 year olds: If you have held a full A2 licence for two years you  must Pass a 2 part practical test on a large motorcycle at least 595cc and at least 40kW – you must pass module 2 within 6 months of passing module 1. This then allows you to ride a motorcycle of any size.

“A” Motorcycle Licence via Direct Access is open to 24 year olds and older. You must have a valid compulsory basic training certificate and passed the D.S.A. motorcycle theory test. You must then Pass a 2 part practical test on a large motorcycle at least 595cc and at least 40kW – you must pass Module 2 within 6 months of passing Module 1. This allows you to ride a motorcycle of any size you then choose.

“A” Test using our bike – £170.00 per day plus the test fees (3 day course) any additional days are £170 per day.

“A”  Test using your own bike £150.00 per day plus the test fees (3 day course) any additional days are £150 per day.

The practical test for each category comprises Module 1, a machine handling test not on public roads, and Module 2, on-road riding under observation by a DSA examiner.

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